Thursday, December 14, 2017

Week 18

In this week I did a project for biomass we had to learn how it worked and make an experiment to show how you can get energy out of biomass, all the groups have different energy sources like wind,Geo thermal,hydro,fossil fuels or biomass we have to present our whole experiment and what we learnt to the "sharks", the "sharks" were adults and high school kids.

This is one of my team members working on our presentation.

This is my team presenting.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This unit I did my very best on our ogre activity, I really liked the activity.
 I think I could have done better on learning high numbers in french.
Goals I have for the next unit are to learn to read big books and to learn more words.

Next Unit we will learn about

- 12 hours clock
- school schedule
- transportation

In this picture me and my partner were playing a game named sicherman dice, you had 4 dice in total there were 2 special dice and 2 normal  dice.                                  
     In this picture grade 2 to 5 are having assembly, the people dancing are south African people who came to Hanoi to visit areas and show these types of dances it was really cool to see a dance from south Africa.
And finally my last picture here I was writing a response to  one of my class-mates work. It was a  thing my whole class was working on.  

1 million base ten blocks

Me and my grade made 1 million, out of paper blocks.The blocks had 1 thousand on it.
 On this picture I was doing a see think wonder of the million block.


On the 27th of august me and my whole grade went to CAMP!! it was my first  camp ever it was very fun. We went hiking and we even did a disco. The camp was about getting better at your skills. On the hike we went up a mountain and their was a beautiful view. We drew the view too!. We even did activity's one of them was a scavenger hunt. there was also a cup stacking activity. The activity I liked the most was the one were we got to create dance's for the disco, my group danced to despacito.

The Hike


Friday, November 10, 2017

Blue Dragon Walk-a-thon 2017

            Blue dragon walk-a-thon

This year my school UNIS did a walk-a-thon. We had to run laps around our school field we got 20 minutes to run. The younger kids (discovery till Grade one) ran first, after grade two to five ran. I ran 15 laps. I earned 264 VND. We did the walk-a-thon because it sponsored the blue dragon children's foundation and that helped the homeless children.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 time

In my grades 5 time we read the book the giving tree. After we had to write what we have to give to grade 5, I wrote "I will try to listen and give a thank you, I will also try to concentrate and do my best". After reading the giving tree we also had to discuss a bit what happens in the book here's an example : the boy did not appreciate what the tree gave once he got older.