Thursday, April 12, 2018

Exhibition 3

It's almost presentation day of exhibition. My group is in the process of making a game and posters,were also collecting plastic bottles to make a big fish out of the bottles we collect. We are also almost done with the scripts,we are making scripts in different languages so people who don't speak English can also understand what we're saying, we are also making a really big fish made out of plastic bottles.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pypx 2

This week in Pypx we planned a field trip, we're going to West lake we are going to "fish out" plastic and tally how much of each type of plastic there is to find out how much plastic is thrown in the lake. You might wonder how we are going to get to the bottem of this disgusting lake?well,we are going to make holes in a bucket and then let it sink to the bottom, after that we will drag it along to see how much trash has sunk to the bottom. We have also came up with an action, we are going to create stickers,signs and maybe even video's to raise awarness and show people what they are doing to there "freshwater".

Thursday, March 22, 2018


In our pypx (primary years program exhibition) we all have SDG's, because we want to make a change. I got the sdg life below water, were working on stopping the plastic from getting into freshwater. Why you might ask because the fish are eating the plastic that we "throw" into the ocean, that causes the fishes stomach to be full so he can't eat anymore, that causes them to die of starvation.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Music Concert.🎶

Today we had a music concert,we practiced our instruments and songs for weeks. I played the clarinet I played three songs lightly row duet, Lets rock and mickey mouse march and our whole grade sang three songs hold back the river,i'm on top of the world and have you ever seen the rain. It was an amazing experience but it was also nerve wracking only for the beginning the end was a duet of 5th and 4th grade.

Thursday, March 1, 2018


Availll is a class thing we do, We watch a movie with subtitles and we have challenges like we have to write every word down after with, or every time our teacher pauses after a sentence we have to write the sentence which there was before she paused the movie. This trains our peripheral vision. Our learning intentions for Avail are : Focused searching for words and Practice reading focus.

March 1 2018

This week my class worked in pairs to become experts of a learner profile we were given, we would stand in a "doughnut" and share what we've learned.

We also had a guest speaker com to talk to our whole class about Passion + Issue = Action, How does Passion,Issue,Action work you might ask well you combine your passion with a big issue like single use  plastic and try to make an action with your passion so you can slowly start to help the world.

Today we made mandala's with our buddies, we taught them what we've learned from our art teacher and some of us found it really hard because they are 4 years younger then us so we had to explain it in words they would understand, I said it wrong so my buddy messed up a bit. Here's what I told her : You need to draw your name in a creative way, ok? "yeah" then you draw a design around it so it look even cooler. This is how she messed up, she drew her name very small then she drew scribles all around it and some covering her name... :l (I had to trace it.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentines Day! ❤️ :P

Today was valentines day there were a few fun moments....... But most of it was boring.
In valentines day a few people gave each other presents for an example my friend gave his "crush" a cake shaped like a heart.
Someone also gave me something. It was a card with some Merci chocolate.